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Pura Vida Silver Tequila 750ML 750ML
Sku: 94445
Pura Vida Silver delivers pure agave flavor and unparalleled drinking pleasure when making your favorite cocktail or the Ultimate Margarita. But purists may prefer to simply savor its untarnish ...more
Product Rating
Product Information
Country: Mexico
Type: Tequila
Our Price $29.99

PRODUCTION - Triple distilled COLOR - Crystal Clear AROMA - Smooth taste of agave with a touch of thyme and jasmine with a slightly spicy smooth finish. FINISH - Warm

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Pura Vida Silver delivers pure agave flavor and unparalleled drinking pleasure when making your favorite cocktail or the Ultimate Margarita. But purists may prefer to simply savor its untarnished agave flavor on its own – unchilled & unadulterated. Wrap your hands around a Pura Vida Silver cocktail and you’re about to wrap your taste buds around a life altering, organoleptic experience. Well, maybe not life-altering but definitely life-enhancing. And yes, organoleptic is a word… we checked.
In order to tell the Pura Vida story, we need to go back to the year 1923. We find Feliciano Vivanco and his brother, Emilio, working the agave fields in the Highlands of Jalisco, the heart of Mexico’s finest agave producing region. Feliciano is an agavero (agave cultivator) and takes great pride in the proper care of his blue agave. Legend has it that one day, Emilio, looking for a little fun and excitement, instead of minding the fields, decided to raid the local police station. Inexplicably, the mission was to free the horses of the police station, but not surprisingly, it failed. Instead, Emilio was killed by machine gun fire and came to become a local martyr. Feliciano, on the other hand, became a local hero. Under his watchful eye and loving care, his fields of beautiful blue agave became known, far and wide, for their exceptional quality and sugar content. Yes, sugar content, the lifeblood of tequila. Rumor has it that the Orendain family used to pay more for agave from Feliciano as it gave more sugar than other agave when cooked. Feliciano, however, was not content with merely having more sugar content than the other growers, so he took his love for agave and quest for the perfect tequila to the next level by actually serenading his agave juice during the distillation process with classical music by phonograph, being that BOSE speakers had not yet been invented in 1923. True story. Today, Feliciano II carries on the tradition with a concert hall-like sound system. He says, “It makes the agave juice sway to the music, why do you think our tequila makes you dance more than any other!” We say, “Good Point.” Fast forward to today. Feliciano Vivanco IV, Felicano’s namesake and a fourth generation agavero, spends his days nursing the blue agave in his fields now covering thousands of hectares of land on the mountainside of Los Altos. The family distillery continues to produce the world’s finest tequila made solely from estate-grown, 100% blue agave hand-harvested from the Vivanco agave fields. And, Feliciano, Sr.? Well, he still goes out to the fields five days a week to look over the agave and see what needs to be done. ”Great tequila comes from letting the plants know that I care about them,” he says, smiling. But the story doesn’t end here…Enter Stewart Lawrence Skloss. Now Stewart is not part of the Vivanco family, has never, as far as I know, been shot with a machine gun, nor has ever harvested a single agave. But what he has done is something just an important. Stewart, or, “El Guapo” to his friends, is the head honcho behind the Pura Vida empire. Stewart is a Texas boy, born and raised, and there’s no part of the world that he hasn’t seen or touched. You see, he has a world globe in his office but I digress. Now, if you ever ask Stewart who he resembles, he’ll tell you a cross between James Gandofini, Shrek and Brad Pitt. He’s just kidding about the Brad Pitt part… probably. Stewart made his mark in the media business working for his family in such glamorous settings as New York City, London and San Antonio. Growing bored or just tired of delivering all of those newspapers so early in the morning, Stewart started his own construction business. I guess you could say he built it from the ground up. When that business went South along with the economy and his millions, Stewart decided that a fresh start was in order so he moved his focus to where few Texans dared to venture — the badlands of the former Soviet Union. We’re almost positive he blended in perfectly with his Wrangler jeans, Size 14 cowboy boots, and 2XL Dos Carolinas guayabera on his massive six foot four, 260 pound frame. Of course, not knowing a lick of Russian also helped considerably. There, and in the Middle East, Stewart found his calling and once again struck gold doing what Texans do best…no, it wasn’t drinking heavily, eating barbecue and telling tall tales to anyone who would listen. Stewart went into the oil business and did quite well. Still, there was an empty spot in Stewart’s heart that the life of an international jetsetter just couldn’t fill. So Stewart turned his focus back to Texas to get back to his roots, although if you’ve ever seen his hairline, or what’s left of it, you’d question the logic of this exercise in futility. Stewart’s love of Texas and Mexico took him back to his earlier days of manhood which seemed to always be stage-center with his amigos in Nuevo Laredo where they frequented the famed Cadillac Bar and drank a strange Mexican elixir called tequila – It was love at first shot. Going back to Stewart’s memories of the above mentioned, or lack thereof, and the late 80’s, when he lived in Guadalajara, Mexico, Stewart recalled good times and adventurous meanderings when he and a few amigos stumbled into the town of Tequila…literally. They were on the dusty road from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta when they decided to stop in Tequila for a two-hour sampling at one of the local distilleries. Being that one of his friends was, at that time, the youngest U.S. Diplomat to Mexico, the invitations from the local distilleries kept pouring in and the two-hour tasting quickly turned into a two-day fiesta – taking U.S. and Mexico diplomatic relations to a whole new level. Let the good times roll! Fast forward twenty years. Stewart was on a quest to sample every tequila known to man in search of the “Primero Uno” when he found himself in the Highlands of Jalisco, home to the Feliciano Vivanco y Associados agave plantation and distillery. Sometime during this tequila tasting soiree, Stewart met Sergio Vivanco who introduced Mr. Skloss to his father, the man himself, the owner, patriarch and head agavera of the Vivanco tequila empire, Feliciano Vivanco, Sr. and son #2, Papico. Well, the two hit it off, so much so that Feliciano shared his famous secret recipe with Stewart, along with a few bottles of the Vivanco’s best tequila, and a partnership was brought to life. After many months of blending traditional tequila production techniques with modern distillation processes (and much sampling, sampling and sampling!), Pura Vida was born to the partnership of the Skloss and the Vivanco families. And, the rest, as they say, is history. Viva Pura Vida!