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Allegrini Palazzo della Torre Veronese 2012  750ML     
Graphite and herbed black olive notes underscore the crushed blackberry and currant fruit in this inky red. Fine-grained tannins firm the moderately spiced finish. Corvina and Rondinella with Sangiovese.... click for more details
Sku: 97457
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Our Price $16.99

Antico Fuoco Rosso 2014  750ML     
Late maturation of the grapes gives characteristic notes of ripe and dried fruits, such as plums and raisins. Slight oak aging gives pleasant notes of chocolate and spices that make this wine harmonic and balanced, pleasant and mature.... click for more details
Sku: 97266
Our Price $10.99

Astoria Prosecco  750ML       
This effusively fruity, light-bodied offering offers terrific floral notes, persistent effervescence, and a clean, delicate finish.... click for more details
Sku: 156
Our Price $10.99

Barefoot Bubbly Prosecco  750ML       
Barefoot Bubbly Prosecco is a crisp and inviting Italian sparkling wine. Its vibrant pear, apple and peach flavors dance through delicate bubbles, ending with a zesty lemon finish.... click for more details
Sku: 98700
Our Price $10.99

Bartenura Pinot Grigio 2010  750ML       
Kosher for Passover. Made from Pinot Grigio selected grapes grown in the sunny hillsides of the Lombardia Region. This is a well balanced dry wine with a fruity flavor and a pleasant, fresh aftertaste. Excellent with horsd'oeuvres, fish and white meats.... click for more details
Sku: 987
Our Price $14.99

Bella Sera Pinot Grigio 1.5L  1.50L     
The Bella Sera Pinot Grigio is a crisp, clean and refreshing example of excellence from the Tre Venezie region of Northeastern Italy. Pinot Grigio, known for mouth watering acidity, subtle fruit, and gentle aromas has flourished here for over a century. Protected from the cold and damp climate of Europe by the Alps, the generations-old vineyards of Tre Venezie are home to numerous climatic zones. The vineyards are located near the Adriatic Sea and Lake Garda to ensure the "warm days and cool ... click for more details
Sku: 10763
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Our Price $11.99

Bisol Desiderio Jeio Prosecco Brut  750ML       
"The NV Prosecco Brut Desiderio Jeio possesses good varietal character in its floral white peaches. Clean mineral notes inform the inviting, crisp finish.... click for more details
Sku: 15223
Our Price $13.99

Bisol Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Brut Crede  750ML       
Brilliant, light straw yellow with nuances of green, while the perlage features a myriad of minute and persistent bubbles. The bouquet of wildflowers is intense, fresh and elegant and emanates an extremely agreeable fruitiness. The fruity bouquet shows scents of apples and pears and the overall harmony is rich and fine. Excellent for receptions, cocktails parties, or the entire meal, it is also the ideal for preparing the original ... click for more details
Sku: 301
Our Price $22.99

Bolla Valpolicella 1.5L  1.50L     
This sumptuous wine has flavors of berries, cherries and almonds, enhanced with subtle oak, vanilla and spice complexity from aging in new oak casks. This wine pairs well with rich pastas, grilled red meats, salmon, and soft cheeses.... click for more details
Sku: 1019
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Our Price $10.99

Bolla Valpolicella 750ML  750ML     
Light ruby red in color, this is a light-bodied fruit-driven red wine, with red fruit and berry aromas. Its cherry and berry flavors are upfront and uncomplicated, with a touch of spice on the finish. With very little tannin and ample acidity, this simple wine is pleasant and crisp, and merely serves to refresh the palate.... click for more details
Sku: 1018
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Our Price $7.99

Bussola Amarone Classico 2008  750ML     
This wine, of garnet-russet hue, is slightly sweet, warm, robust, full, harmonious, velvety with a most satisfying touch of bitterness. It is the ideal wine with game and has no rivals as an accompaniment to hard cheeses.... click for more details
Sku: 94733
Our Price $66.99

Bussola Ca' del Laito Valpolicella Ripasso 2012  750ML     
This is a suped-up wine with flavors of dried grapes in a way similar to Amarone only at a fraction of the price! An abundant character of rich fruit and a very powerful expression of the core varietals: Corvinone, Corvina Grossa, and Rondinella.... click for more details
Sku: 95648
Our Price $23.99

Ca' Furlan Cuvee Beatrice Prosecco  750ML       
Boasting a beautiful nose reminiscent of marzipan and white flowers, the wine leads into peach notes and brioche on the palate. A fantastic value for a sparkling wine.... click for more details
Sku: 96799
Our Price $10.99

Caposaldo Pinot Grigio 2012  750ML     
Pale, straw yellow color. Delicate white fruit and apple aromas. Flavors are offset by notes of acacia blossoms and almonds. The texture is crisp and vibrant with a well-balanced, bright acidity and a clean, fresh finish.... click for more details
Sku: 10860
Our Price $8.99

Caposaldo Pinot Grigio 2012 1.5L  1.50L     
The Caposaldo Pinot Grigio features a dry, crisp, vibrant texture with medium body and delicate aromas of apples and other white fruit offset by acacia blossoms and almonds on the palate.... click for more details
Sku: 14937
Our Price $15.99

Cavit Pinot Noir 1.5L  1.50L     
The Oltrepò Pavese, which means "beyond the Po River,” accounts for approximately 40,000 acres of vineyard planted in the southwestern part of Lombardy, Italy, on the right bank of the Po river, in the province of Pavia. Here the landscape of steeply rolling hills comprises limestone and clay-based soil, well-suited to the cultivation of vines. Only recently have the wines of Lombardy begun to acquire a well-deserved recognition that extends beyond regional borders. Traditionally these wines ... click for more details
Sku: 1023
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Our Price $11.95

Cupcake Moscato 2014  750ML     
Vibrant and expressive with dominant floral notes and hints of bright fruit flavors including peach, tropical fruits and lychee. This wine is soft and luscious with just a hint of fine effervescence and sweetness.... click for more details
Sku: 98544
Our Price $10.99

Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio  750ML     
Style. Elegance. Sophistication. Inspired by the allure of modern Italy, Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio showcases delightful floral and tropical fruit aromas, with a flavor that is elegant and crisply refreshing.... click for more details
Sku: 15297
Our Price $8.99

Folonari Bardolino 1.5L  1.50L     
Bardolino takes its name from a town on the shores of Lake Garda near Verona, Italy where the wine is made. 55% Corvina, 25% Rondinella, 15% Molinara and 5% Negrara, vinified in stainless steel. An easy-sipping wine; pale ruby red color with a fresh and fruity bouquet with hints of wild cherries and violets. Light and refreshing taste.... click for more details
Sku: 1031
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Folonari Soave 1.5L  1.50L     
The Soave; Italian for ”smooth” is a classic from Folonari and was recently rewarded a ”Best Buy” from Wine and Spirits Magazine and called ”a great party wine” and ”easy to pair with all kinds of foods” by the Wall Street Journal. A blend of the indigenous Garganega and Trebbiano, this stainless steel aged white is light, fresh and clean on the palate, showing delicate, dry flavors and a crisp finish. Tasting Notes: Straw yellow in color. ... click for more details
Sku: 1032
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Our Price $10.99

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