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The origin of the Lechthaler family traces to Lechtal in Austria (Lech Valley). From Austria, the first generation of the Lechthaler family arrived in Piana Rotaliana (then Austria, the Trentino region is now Italy) toward the end of the 1800ís. With confidence in the quality of the South Tirolo Wines, the family immediately began producing and selling their traditional practices to the Rotaliana region. The wines popularity quickly spread throughout the region and Austria. At the beginning of the past century, in 1905, Roman Lechthaler, a true entrepreneur was equipped with a strong business sense, leading to the establishment of the Lechthaler wine cellar. With Romanís vision and the familyís hard work, their products soon became familiar to the entire hospitality industry in the region, including the best restaurants and hotels. The most famous of wines was the Sudtirolo (South Tirolo) which was available in 750 liter bottles. In this period, wines were typically transferred to restaurant owners and inn-keepers in large barrels and then sold to the public in smaller barrels of wood ranging in sizes from 20-30 liters, much different than todayís manufacturing standards. Instead, the Lechthaler cellar uniquely followed the practice of bottling and corking the wine, which was considered an innovative step of this era. After almost 70 years of production the Togn Family joined the Lechthaler Family and over time the Togn Family assumed complete ownership of the estate. The current Lechthaler production is approximately 400,000 bottles, sold throughout the world, including the United States and Germany. In Italy the Lechthaler wine production is facilitated by Gaierhof, a main line of wine production continued in the name of the Togn Family.
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Lechthaler Pinot Grigio 2015  750ML     
A refreshing white, this light straw colored white is aged for 5 months in stainless steel barrels. Delicate fruit aromas open with a hint of pear. Shows a dry, harmonious and fine character with good balance. Pairs well with typical Mediterranean dishes and grilled fish such as trout.... click for more details
Sku: 95202
Our Price $13.99

Lechthaler Teroldego Rotaliano 2013  750ML     
In the mouth the black fruity flavors were focused with tangy black fruit in the middle. There were notes of stone and a touch of concentration to some grapey flavors. This easy drinking wine finishes up with tart fruit and a decent aftertaste.... click for more details
Sku: 96611
Our Price $14.99