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Dewars 1L  1L     
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Dewars 375ML  375ML     
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Dewars 1.75L  1.75L     
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Dewars 12 Year Double Aged Scotch 750ML  750ML     
Known as “The Ancestor” after John Dewar, our founder, this impeccable blend is the result of a time honored process. After we blend the whiskies, we marry the blend in vintage oak casks and let it harmonize to perfection. It’s what our family did then. It’s what we do now. (Great Value,Tried & True Award)- Attractive straw yellow/wheat field gold color. Subdued aroma features delicate scents of new leather, hay, grass, malted milk ball. Taste profile is chewy, nutty, ... click for more details
Sku: 96592
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Dewars 15 Year Monarch Scotch 750ML  750ML     
Known as ”The Monarch”. This rare and special whiskey is named after the famous painting, ”The Monarch of the Glen”. In 1851, Sir Edwin Landseer created the famous painting, an instant masterpiece, that depicts a stag in the Scottish Highlands. John Dewar and Sons purchased the painting in 1919 and hung it proudly. Master blender Stephanie Macleod used the painting as inspiration for this rare and special whiskey.Copper/bronze color. Zesty aromas of malted barley, ... click for more details
Sku: 98300
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Dewars 18 Year Double Aged Scotch 750ML  750ML     
We only use Scotland’s finest 18-year old malt and grain whiskies to create this full, smooth and creamy blend. We then return the blend to oak casks and age it to perfection. The result, a richer whisky with a long, lingering finish.(UB Collection,Chairman’s Trophy,Tried & True Award)- Attractive amber/goldenrod color. The aroma leaps from the glass in tsunamis of cocoa, coffee bean, tobacco scents that are perfectly integrated. Flavor profile highlights the tangy beaniness ... click for more details
Sku: 92339
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Dewars 750ML  750ML     
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Dewars Scotch 50Ml  50ML     
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Sku: 9554
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Dewars Scratched Cask Scotch 750ML  750ML     
A blend of up to 40 carefully selected single malt and single grain whiskies left to mature in oak casks at the brandís home in Scotland for a minimum of four years. At that point, instead of bottling the blend, the mature liquid is married in handcrafted American oak casks, selected by master blender Stephanie Macleod. These barrels, bourbon and virgin ok, are heavily charred and then lightly scratched at the char layer to alter the flavor of the whisky. The liquid is then left to blend and ... click for more details
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